Our portfolio


Outsourcing of accounting services leads to better management of your accounting and significantly affects the costs. Professionals from our team have years of experience in accounting and follow important changes in Czech and European legislation. They are therefore ready to keep your accounting records with maximum efficiency.

Accounting consultancy

We have extensive experience in accounting consultancy through modern communication technologies. Video calls nowadays fully replace personal meetings. We are thus able to offer services to clients all over the Czech Republic.

Wages and human resources

Employee payroll processing by an external entity has a number of advantages. The business entity ensures effective and risk-free payroll processing and related agenda management, while keeping sensitive information beyond the reach of the company’s core employees.

Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy is very complicated and very often leads to unpleasant problems. Our team of experts has been working in the field of taxation for over 25 years and will, therefore, always find the best solution for you.

Our company, Contaduria s.r.o., is registered in the list of legal entities authorized to provide tax consultancy services maintained by the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic.


The external financial manager will help you gain valuable information from your company’s accounting data. In particular, he/she will help you translate them into a clear form and will advise you on how to manage the company based on them.

The external financial director is a more experienced colleague of the financial manager. He/she specializes in more difficult and complex cases from the field of financial management and controlling.


If you need an independent opinion on how to manage your accounting, we perform a comprehensive audit of the entire accounting and economic system.

If you have exceeded your turnover, asset and employee limits within your entrepreneurial activity, we will provide you with an audit of the financial statements that you are required to have processed pursuant to the law.

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